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How To Control Food Cravings To Avoid Weight Gain?

March 20, 2017 | Weight Loss

Ever wonder why sometimes you simply crave particular foods? Why is it that occasionally NOTHING may satiate your hunger except nachos? Or what’s it which allows these Food to squirm in our minds, monopolize our ideas and hijack our taste buds? So, how to control food cravings to avoid weight gain?

Physical Cravings happen when the body is letting your mind know that you are running low on a certain nutrients. Frequently, craving chocolate frequently indicates a requirement for magnesium. Cravings for pizza or cheese might means a fatty acid deficiency. Lucky for us, any of those ingredients are available in far healthy alternatives. Try munching on nuts and seeds or banana to fulfill the magnesium craving, or soybeans, cauliflower and walnuts for all those healthful fatty acids!

Mental Cravings are the difficult ones. Often, we develop a tendency to crave particular foods once we have conditioned ourself to associate eating with certain activity. For instance, when I was growing up my family could frequently sit around the family room table to watch a film together. On those evenings, we’d have nachos, as it was a simple dinner to eat in front of the tv. It got to the stage that when we purchased or rented a brand new film and planned to watch it, instantly everybody wanted also nachos for dinner. Whenever you find yourself in the midst of the craving, pause and think about where you’re and what you are doing.

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Is your craving a mental craving? Having viewpoint on your habits allows you to better prepare to fight them. Bring a thermos of coffee from home to your meeting rather than your sweet regular beverage, pack baby carrots for the film day, or count one helping of pretzels before Grey’s starts so that you can indulge without going through 50% of the bag in one episode! Cravings can be the consequence of an addiction. This is the most challenging kind of craving to fight. Frequently, the chemicals and extra substances inside our foods, especially unhealthy foods, frozen foods, fast foods and something loaded with additives or sugar substitute, create a chemical difference inside our minds which makes us simply need MORE.

These substances are made to excite our tastebuds, and amaze our brain with flavours and sensations that can’t be experienced by consuming naturally occurring flavours and materials, only by continued use of the chemical, hence developing a desire for another taste. And one more taste becomes another, and another, and another until our mind connection with chemically altered food is simply as addicted and unhealthy as the addiction many people have to nicotine, alcohol along with other substances. All of it boils down to the way the substances interact with the mind. Cravings are a part of life. But, through self consciousness and introspection we may learn to determine, manage, and periodically and sensibly indulge them. It can take practice, but with time curbing your cravings may look like second nature.

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