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What Supplements Should I Take To Build Muscle?

March 18, 2017 | Bodybuilding

I frequently get asked, What Supplements Should I Take To Build Muscle? You probably weren’t anticipating to read this, but among things better for building muscle isn’t a supplement at all. If you wish to gain muscle you must eat a lot of top quality food saturated in protein with a reasonable amount of complex carbohydrates and unsaturated fats.

Now don’t get me wrong products have their place, but remember they’re additional to your diet and training, and that’s the reason why they’re called supplements. So when I get asked this question I make sure to point out to have your diet and trained in check before worrying about it.

#1 – Protein
The no 1 supplement for building muscle that you should ideally already be receiving lots of from your own food resources is protein. You’re going to need lots of this nutrient to build muscle. Most sources say about 1 g protein per pound of bodyweight. Thus for 200 lb. Person that’s 200g of protein each day. Now to get this much protein in what you eat may show to be difficult thus why people complement it.

I recommend supplementing the diet with whey protein isolate. One brand Ive always favored is High Grade Whey Protein 80 (500g). They’ve many great flavours to select from, and its not too hard on the wallet.

Definitely buy it on-line because any products are going to be marked up outrageously at your common mortar and brick nutrition store.

#2 – Creatine
Another supplement I recommend is creatine. This material is located normally inside our bodies and aids provides energy to all cells within the body, mainly muscle. Wait, but doesn’t really that stuff hurt your kidneys? Lets clear this up. In case you’ve kidney problems already you probably shouldn’t take creatine to be safe though research has shown no adverse affects on the kidney from its supplement. The most typical reported side effect is stomach pain. This could be avoided by making certain it’s completely dissolved in 16 oz of water or juice.

Make sure to stay hydrated when taking creatine or every other supplement for that matter. A rise in bodyweight is the most appropriate side effect. Just as much as 5 lbs. Of bodyweight increase have been documented in the first week of its use. Your muscles may actually inflate with water, increasing their overall volume. I personally recommend Creatine Powder (500g).

Its a fantastic pre workout supplement which has Creatine Monohydrate, Caffeine, and Beta Alanine. You’ll probably need to take at least 3-5 grams a day. Its best to take creatine after and before your exercise to maintain it at an optimal level within your body.

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